Saturday, May 02, 2015

Emmanuel Nado Playlist for Thursday April 30 2015



Maitre Nono Manzana/Vamulo/Percussions Elima/Congo
Rabbit,Feat Wachira/Waiting/Kenya
Salif Keita/Moussolou/Mali
Salif Keita/C’est Bon/Mali

 9 :33-10 :00pm
Youssou Ndour/Namone Naa Cere/Senegal
Mbongwana Star/Shege/D.R.Congo
Cheche Drame/Mogoya/Mali
Stromae/Alors On Dance/Racine Carree/Rwanda-Belgium
Stromae/Papaoutai/Racine Carree/Rwanda-Belgium
Nfaly Kouyate/Fonike/Guinee

10 :03-10 :30pm
Manu Dibango&;Eliade Ochoa/Rumba Makossa/Cameroon-Cuba
Bracket/Mama Africa/Nigeria
Papa Wemba&Barbara Kanam/Rumba Congo/D.R.Congo
Barbara Kanam/Viva Del Congo/D.R. Congo

Garifuna Women Project/Nibari/Umalali/Belize
Ye Elima/Ombele/Equatorial Guinee
Sandra/Sa Bon Lanmiziki/Seychelles Island
Zouk Machine/Pisine Zouker/Best of Zouk Machine/Guadeloupe
Chiwoniso/Gomo/Rebel Woman/Zimbabwe

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Sunday, April 19, 2015

Emmanuel Nado Playlist for April16,2015

Seckou Keita/Path from Gabou/22Strings Cordes/Senegal
Thomas Mapfumo/Sumba/Lion Songs/Zimbabwe
Thomas Mapfumo/Jojo/Lion Songs/Zimbabwe
Os Tubaroes/Porton Onos Llita/Cape Vert
Bassekou Kouyate/Fama Magni/Ba Power/Mali

Conversation with Mahealani Uchiyama an American of African (Yoruba, Wolof, and Mande) descent,  a dancer and a musician. She also teaches dance and as  a recording artist her CD "A Walk By The Sea" has won the HawaiĘ»i Music Award for Best World Music. She  plays the African thumb piano called the Mbira in Zimbabwe, Sanza in  Cameroon, Likembe in the congo, Kalimba in Ghana, a wide variety of names indeed.   Mahealani did a live performance then we heard Chigwaya off her CD Ndor and Mbavarira off her CD The Sky that covers Us all
Mahealani Uchiyama

Michel Ongaro/Afrika/Spotlight on Kenya
Eyuphoro/Othiawene/Roughguide of Mozambique
Extra Musica/Racine/La Main Noire/D.R.Congo
Zaiko Langa Langa/Vertige/Eureka/D.R.Congo

10 :30-10 :56pm
Jacky King/Dina Lam/Patou le messager/Cameroon
Koffi B/Donkomi/Ghana Azonta
Kanda Bongo Man/Yonde/D.R.Congo

Makossa connection mix

Friday, April 03, 2015

Emmanuel Nado's playlist for April 2, 2015

The opening theme song is “Africa”by Congolese guitarist Dally Kimoko

Seun Kuti/Rise/From Africa with fury/Nigeria
E.T.Mensah/Ngele Woewa/King of Highlife Anthology/Ghana
Zani Diabate/Ni Zani Mama/Tientalaw/Mali
Sekouba Bambino/Koumakelalou/The griot’s craft/Guinee
Terakaft/Tirera/Kel Tamasheq/Niger

Broun Fellinis&Femi Andrades/Natural Mystic/Undercover’s tribute to Bob Marley’s Exodus
Shake Your Peace!/So much things to say/Undercover’s tribute to Bob Marley’s Exodus
Empress Unification&Fyah squad band/Undercover’s tribute to Bob Marle’s Exodus
Black Nature Band/Jamming/ Undercover’s tribute to Bob Marle’s Exodus
Sean Hayes/Waiting in Vain/ Undercover’s tribute to Bob Marle’s Exodus
Rocky Dawuni/Shine a Light/Branches of the same tree/Ghana
Rocky Dawuni/Rock your soul/Branches of the same tree/Ghana

Os Tubaros/Cape Verde
Various artist/70s’80’s dance mix from D.R.Congo
Mystic Orchestra/Mama Africa/ColombiAfrica

Offori Amposah/Auntie Mumi Ba/Ghana
Werrasson/Techno Walewa/D.R.Congo
Abelardo Barroso/Guajiro de Cunaga
Orchestra Mayembe/Okova/Mazaembe 45rpm/Kenya
Syran Mbenza/Tour a Tour/Heritage ya luambo/

The closing theme song is “One Love” by Bob Marley

Thank for tuning in.

Saturday, March 21, 2015

Emmanuel Nado,Playlist for Thursday March 19, 2015


Antibalas Afrobeat Orchestra/Uprising/ASAP/U.S.A
Franck Biyong and Massak/Afro Map of Space/ASAP/Cameroon
Tunji Oyelana/ JeweleJewele/A Nigeria retrospective/Nigeria
Ablaye Ndiaye/Lat Dior/Thiossane/Senegal
Kasse Mady Diabate/Hera/Kirike/Mali
Manuel Diogo/Manuel Mpeve Ya Longo/Music of Angola

Conversation and live session with Jesse Sahbi, Ivorian guitarist/songwriter.

Jesse Sahbi

E.T.Mensah/Nothing but a Man’s slave/King of Highlife Anthology/Ghana
E.T.Mensah/Kwame Nkrumah/King of Highlife Anthology/Ghana
E.T.Mensah/Inflation Calypso/King of Highlife Anthology/Ghana
E.T.Mensah/Ghana Freedom/King of Highlife Anthology/Ghana
E.T.Mensah/All for You/King of Highlife Anthology/Ghana

Rocky Dawuni/Black Star/Branches of the same tree/Ghana
Jose Mangual/Cuero Y Nama/Mi mejor Existos/Puerto Rico
Dally Kimoko/Ma Hele/Move 2000/D.R.Congo
Soule Ngofo-Man/Fatou la Malienne/Soukous Chire/D.R.Congo
Loketo/Zenab/Choc a Distance/D.R.Congo
Meiway/A Genoux/Extraterrestre/Cote d’Ivoire

Sunday, March 08, 2015

Emmanuel Nado Playlist for Thursday March 5 2015

Ubwe Nyumbani/Nyumbani/Ubwe/Tanzania
Dominic Kakolobango/AfricaLeo/African Acoustic/Zambia
Pa Bobo Jobarteh/Sutukung/Welcome to Gambia/Gambia

Interview with representatives of the African Advocacy Network Organization
Adoubou Traore, Joe Sciarrillo/Clementine Ntshaykolo,Charles Jackson
African Advocacy Network (AAN) is a San Francisco-based group of immigrants, activists, and allies charged with serving the Bay Area community of African and Afro-Caribbean immigrants and refugees through culturally competent social services. The AAN serves the growing Diaspora with community-based services focusing in legal assistance, employment counseling, housing guidance, psycho-social case management, and health education. AAN couples these programs with experienced and trained linguistic capacity in more than ten languages that span the African continent such as Amharic, Tigrinya, and Arabic to French, Wolof, Berber, Sonufu, and more. AAN is a project of Dolores Street Community Services.

Karamba Dioubate/Dari/Eux Mandingues/Guinee
Otis Mbuta/Ange B/Afrique Plein Pot/D.R.Congo
Evizo Stars/Allo/Vip/Gabon
Fruko Y Su Orquestra/Cumbia Del Caribe/Latin Party
A.B. Quintanilla/Mi Gente/Latin Party/

10 :38-10 :57PM
Serge Beynaud/Okenepkin/Cote d’Ivoire
Serge Beynaud/Fouinta Fouinte/Cote d’Ivoire
Extra Musica/Losambo Ouranga/D.R.Congo
Extra Musica/Vertige/Etat Major/D.R.Congo

Friday, February 20, 2015

Nado's playlist for 2/19/2015


Ahmed Said/Shagab/Nile Project Aswan
The Moipei Quartet/Malaika/In the Land of the Lion/Kenya
Boubakar Traore/Africa/Mablimaou/Mali
Ismael Lo/Dibi Dibi Rek/ISO/Senegal
Yvonne Chaka Chaka/Umoombothi/The best of/South Africa
Joel Seka/Jala /Joel Seka/Cote d’Ivoire

Manu Chao/Mr Bob/Baionera/
Bob Marley/Africa Unite/Songs of freedom/
Bob Marley/Black Survival/Songs of freedom
Dulce Nieves/Nhikir/Nha Destino/Guinee Bissau
Tigist Shibabaw/Hoya Hoye/Bole2Harlem/Ehiopia

Afrique Musical Ambassadors/Dunia Wa Tee meh/Check u Engeen/Sierra Leone
African Rhythms Messengers/Chalacha/African Rhythms Messengers/Nigeria
The Mystic Orchestra/Quien Mandan a Quien/VoodoLove ina Champeta/Colombia/Africa
Dindo Yogo/Racine Ya Chance/+d’amour/D.R.Congo

Pacha/Senzele/Voyage Ya Poto/D.R.Congo
Yondo Sister/Wapi Yo/Deviation Soukous/D.R.Congo

Michel Martely/Denye Okazyon/Denye Okazyon/Haiti

Thank for listening and tuning in.

Friday, January 23, 2015

Emmanuel Nado's playlist for January 22,2015


9:10 – 9:35PM
Aida Samb/Wareefu Ndaw/Sarabaa/Senegal
Birahim/From Medina/From Medina/Senegal
Nder&Setsima/Setsima/Mbegel Rek/Senegal
Pape Diouf/Casse Casse/Casse Casse/Senegal
Boubacar Traore/Africa/Mbalimaou/Mali

9 :37- 10 :00PM
The Nile Project/Zegiewh/Aswan/Ethiopia
The Nile Project/Sematimba Ne/Aswan/Zimbabwe
Rachel Magoola/Vooto/Songs from the source of the Nile/Uganda
Zuhura Swaleh/Shani/Jino La Pembo

10 :03 - 10 :30PM
Yekete Beat Band/Ngoma/New African Composers/Tanzania
Achigo Band/Tebo/ New African Composers/Tanzania
Simba Wanyika/Nakupenda/Kenya
Mam’Be/Where do you go/Feedback Madagascar
Araketu/Meu Tudo/Araketu

10:30- 10:57pm
Cubanoson/Mr Jose/Recordando a Cuba
Evizo Stars/Allo/VIP/Gabon
Soukous Stars/Ghana Success/Face to Face Shimita & Lokassa