Sunday, April 29, 2012

Playlist for April 19,2012

2 new releases from Lusafrica and Cumbancha record labels will be our feature CDs for the month of May.


Papa Noel/Africa mokili mobimba/Café noir/D.R.Congo
Mory Kante/Yeke Yeke/Akwaba beach/Rep.Guinee
Youssou Ndour/Badien Live/Mbalax taw/Senegal
Orchestra Milimani Park/Mnani Oyn sha/Ngoma Yaukae/Tanzania
Tadesa Roba/Batina bluz/Nahom favorites/Ethiopia

Hassane Boukary/Zumbuga/Teku/Sudan
Tak Farinas/                          /Algeria
Laye Saw/Mauritania/Putumayo Africa beat/Senegal

Interview with Andrew Wood , Executive Director of San Francisco International Art Festival
The festival celebrates the arts through an annual gathering that brings together a global community of artists and audiences.

Sierra Leone R.A.S./Yesu Gorbu/Radio Salone/Sierra Leone
Sierra Leone/R.A.S./Manpama/Radio Salone/Sierra Leone
Modogo&Sam/Black bazar remix/Black Blazar/D.R.Congo
Antonio Marcos/Shywelele/Rough guide/Mazambique
Zaiko Langa Langa/Ingratitude/Zaiko LangaLangua/D.R.Congo
Baba Ken Okulolo/Sesekule/African Drum songs/Nigeria
Seun Kuti/Mr big thief/Rise/Nigeria
Seun Kuti/African soldiers/Rise/Nigeria

Saturday, April 14, 2012

Emmanuel Nado Playlist for April,12,2012

Artist/Song CD/Country/Label!

Salif Keita/Folon/Folon/Mali
Habib Koite/Mali Ba/Afriki/Mali/Cumbancha
 Ali Farka/Toumani/56/Ali&Toumani/Nonesuch
Orchestre Rail Band/Mali Cebalewn/The RoughGuide/Mali
Wasis Diop/My Son/Everything is never quite enough/Senegal/Triloka

Afrigo Band/ Ffena Tusobola/Obuganda Abetisse/Ouganda
Achilla Orru/Songs from the heard of Africa/
Mounira Mitchala/Choukrane/Chili Houritki/Chad/Lusafrica
Alpha Yaya Diallo/Afriki Djama/Aduna/Guinee/
Jaojobe/Tsy Zanaka Mpanarivo/RoughGuide to Madagascar
Dulce Nieves/N’tchanha/Balu Di Mindjer/Guinee Bissau

 Seun Kuti/From Africa with Fury/Nigeria/Knitting Factory
Modogo&Sam/Black Bazar/Black Bazar/DRCongo/Lusafrica 
Guy Lobe/Soukousmakossa/Best of Makossa/Cameroun
Abdul Teejay/Fire Dombolo/Sierra Leone
Zouk Machine/Maldon/Planet Zouk/Guadeloupe/

Remy Salomon/Happy Birthday/Happy Birthday/.Congo
TV3 Dj/Fatigue fatigue/Coupe decale explosion/Cote d’Ivoire
Aurlus Mabele/Vicky/Le Grand Courba/Congo
Nazare Pereira/Maculele/Brazilian classics/
Joan Soriano/La Vecinita/La Familia Soriano/Dominica/IASO Records

Wednesday, April 11, 2012

Hello African music aficionados! I just want to direct your attention to a new release
which I have been featuring on my show Africamix. The CD is titled Black Bazar, it is the production work of 2 Congolese artists Modogo Abarambwa and Sam Tshintu, the two brains behind the project, are veterans of Koffi Olomide’s Quartier Latin and the Académia band.
The project and its title Black Bazar is inspired by a French novel by Alain Manbackou. If you like Congolese music, this new album has all the latest Congolese music styles,well produced without all the synthesiser programming noise we have been accustomed to in the last 10 years It is back to the roots of rumba.

Africamix's most popular requests; Seun Kuti and Modogo& Sam's Black Bazar

Sunday, April 01, 2012

E.Nado playlist for March 29,2012

Jagwa Music/Dunia Watu/Jagwa Music/Tanzania
Shiyani Ngcobo/Sevelina/Introducing Shiyani/SouthAfrica/Riverboat
Papa Kourand/Pointe Noire/African Roots Revival/P.R.Congo/WorldMusic net
Mamane Barka/Bulanga/African Roots Revival/Niger/Worldmusic Net
Orchestre Poly-Rythm/Pardon/Cotonou Club/Benin/StrutK7
Achilla Orru/Tusanyuke/Ouganda

Saxman Max and percusionist Odenita of the band Lagos Roots were my guest on this edition of Africamix.
Conversation with members of Lagos Roots Afrobeat Band.

Amar Sundy/Camel shuffle/Sadaka/Algeria/Dixiefrog,Putumayo
Sidi Toure/A Chacun sa Chance/Koima/Mali ThrillJockey Records
MouniraMitchala/Choukrane/Chili Houritki/Chad/Lusafrica
Moise Ilunga/Kesho/Kinshasa Succurssale/D.R.Congo/Crammed Disc
Candido Obajimi/E.Mura/Adura Power/Nigeria
Seun Kuti/Mr.Big Thief/From Africa with Fury/Nigeria/Knitting Factory

Kassav/Pag le/Nou la/Guadeloupe/Sony Records
Modogo&Sam/Black Bazar/Black Bazar/D.R.Congo/Lusafrica
Zanak/Ami Oh/Guadeloupe
Extra Music/La Main Noire/Zangul/D.R.Congo/Sonima
Salif Keita/Tekere/The best of Salif Keita/Mali