Tuesday, November 20, 2012

Emmanuel Nado Playlist Nov 22.2012

              Artist/  Song/  CD/  Country/  Label
Pierre Akendegue/Epuguzu/P.Akendegue/Gabon/Celluloid
Sory Kandia Kouyate/Nna/La Voix de la Revolution/Guinee/Sterns
Juluka/Nans Impi/J.Clegg&Juluka/SouthAfrica/
Muriel Mwamba/Mayo Mpapa/Lullaby/Zambia/
Ismael Lo/Jelebi/Lo/Senegal/Celluloid
Samite/Webake/Samite/Uganda/Green LinnetRecords

Super Rail Band/Sanankoro Moriba/Madingo/SavanaRock/Mali
Kassav/Rete(live)/Au Zenith/Guadeloupe/Sono Records
Zin/Kanpe Sou Yon Bit/Kanpe Sou Yon Bit/Haiti/Zin Records
Hijos de Agueybana/Saludo al Sol/Agua del Sol/Puerto Rico/Tumi Records
Alpha Blondy/Brigadier Sabari/Alpha Blondy/Cote d’ivoire/Syllart Productions
Syran Mbenza/Cherie Bondowe/Immortal Franco/D.R.Congo/Sterns

TeddyAffro/Musicawit /Roughguide to Ethiopia/WorldMusic network
Birhanu& Madingo/Selam Yager Sew/Nahom favorite/Ethiopia
Bob Marley/Could you be loved/B.Marley Greatest Hits/Jamaica
Danone O’sow/Tesegu/Savane/Cote d’Ivoire
Rupa&the April Fishes/Weeds/Build/U.S.A./Electric Gumbo Radio
Ali Slimani/Lirah remix/Arabia Grooves/Algeria/Putumayo

Staff Benda Bilili/Osali Mabe/Bouger le monde/D.R.Congo
Modogo&Sam/Black Bazar Remix/Black Bazar/D.R.Congo
Makossa Mix

Tuesday, November 13, 2012

E.Nado Playlist November 8,2012

Staff Benda Bilili/Osali Mabe/Bouger Bouger/D.R.Congo
Tunji Oyelana/Osekere/Nigeria Retrospective/Nigeria
Samite/The Soroti Boys Song/Tula Eno/Ouganda
Angelique Kidjo/Congo Leo/Oyaya/Benin


Conversation with Rupa Marya of Rupa and the April Fishes

Rupa & The April Fishes/Build/Build/
Conversation with Rupa

Rupa & The April Fishes/Weeds/Build
Conversation with Rupa

Rupa & The April Fishes/Sur La Route/Build
Conversation with Rupa

Rupa & The April Fishes/Electric Gombo Radio/Build

10;15pm to 10:35

“Build” is the latest disc from San Francisco’s international band Rupa and the April Fishes.  Only few weeks after it was released the disc rapidly climbed to the top ten world music charts. It opens with the title track a very beautiful song written by Rupa Marya the incredible lead singer of Indian roots, American and European upbringing. Two things immediately strike me about this album. First Rupa’s perfectly controlled , and distinctive vocal is outstanding as she sings the story behind  the album title The second is the musical mix styles that unfolds throughout, American, European pop, jazz, reggae,latin flavor, and world folk music. Rupa and the April Fishes deliver all that and more, spinning a tapestry of sound so alluring I find it hard not to be engulfed by the infectiousness of it all. The second track on the disc “Weeds” yields a reggae beat, this one is a great musical story about Rupa’s travel to Chiappa, Mexico. Here again she displays a strong vocal command while the sizzling rhythm section stays crisp and clean all the way (reminding me the rhythm section of Africa’s reggae star Alpha Blondi) “Sur La Route” is a French song; the music here hinges more on ska ,European pop and club trends, as a testimony of Rupa’s cultural and linguistic breadth. The last track “Electric Gumbo radio”, is a kind of new music style which is the mainstay of “Build” The concoction on “Build” is a global pop brew, a collection of musical vignettes that brims with themes of love nature, and social consciousness.  I love it and you’ll fall in love with it as well… Emmanuel Nado (Africamix on KALW radio San Francisco)

Zani Diabate/Ni Zani Mana/Zani Diabate et les Heritiers/Mali
Bonga/Mulema Xangola/Mulemba Xangola/Angola
Macire Sylla/Penpere/Massa/Mali
Kotoja/Vami Duwe/Sawale/Nigeria
Mbusi Mahlonga/Yehlisan/Urban Zulu Mix

10 :35pm to 11pm

Sekouba Bambino/Famou Remix/Sinikan/Guinee
Syran Mbenza/Beyou Motema/Heritage Ya Luambo/D.R.C.
Emeline Michel/Mose Manman/Cordes & Armes
Les Barons/Lagos Sound System/Les Barons
Nancy Vieira/Maylen/No Amas/Cape Verde