Saturday, September 22, 2012

Emmanuel Nado playlist for 9/20/2012

As Ken Wiwa the son of Ken Saro Wiwa leader of the Ogoni people of Nigeria assassinated by the Nigeria government in 1995 said’ “When voices as my father are silenced, other rise and often they belong to musicians. African musicians carry a secret burden. They are the griots, the historians of its rich, varied complex past.”  African artists have  so often written beautiful melodies and poignant lyrics which paint the continent in all its grandeur and beauty… On today’s show I featured songs by various artists singing the praises of Africa.
Vukani Mawethu/Nkosi Sikeleli Africa/
Miriam Makeba/Africa we love you/South Africa                           
Fela Kuti/Viva Africa/Nigeria
Jovino Dos Santos/Mamae Africa/Brazil
Seta Toure/Africa/Senegal
Cutt Glass/Halala Africa/South Africa
Jerry Jhetto/Silver and Gold/Nigeria

No other continent has been sung about as much as Africa. Whether they are on the continent or outside in the Diaspora the message from these artists is the same. The love and longing they have for the continent.
United African Artists/Africa for Africa
Thsala Muana/Africa Mokili Mobimba/D.R.C.
Danny Silva/Africa Mamae/Cape Vert
Zena Bacar/Samuelkela Africa/Mozambique
Longue Longue/Africa/Cameroun

10pm  10:57pm Conversation and music mix with my guest DJ Elembe Blaise from Cameroon

Friday, September 14, 2012

Playlist September 13: Become a Member of Africa Mix

Emmanuel Nado and Edwin Okong'o reunited for another KALW membership drive. KALW is a listener-supported, which gives the station the liberty to host programs like Africa Mix. It's because of our members that we are able to play music without without the commercial interruption found in commercial radio stations.

In addition to being a place where lovers of African music can listen to it every Thursday, Africa Mix has also become an important platform for the African community in the San Francisco Bay Area. This is a program where anyone serving the community can request to come in and speak about the work they are doing.

For the first set of this week's playlist we played African music produced here in the San Francisco Bay Area. This is further testimony that your membership allows us to bring you content that we think deserves your ear -- not what special interests think you should listen to.

Please become part of this grassroots movement to give the local African community a much-needed voice. If you are in North America, call 1-800-525-9917 to become a member. All others can do so online by clicking on this link.

Here is the playlist:

Saturday, September 08, 2012

Emmanuel Nado playlist for Sept 6,2012

“Let’s us be thankful for those who makes us happy for they make our souls blossom.”
Ivorian proverb.

Vusa Mkhaya/Sohlangana/Vocalism/Zimbabwe
Blay Ambolley/O Maame O Papa/Sekunde/Ghana
Angelique Kidjo/Bahia/Black Ivory Soul/Benin
Cesaria Evora/Africa Nosa/
Ndala Kasheba/Nimillie Nam/YellowCard/Tanzania
Mose FanFan/Hello Hello/Congo Acoustic/D.R.Congo

Fela Kuti/Buy Africa/Essentials Fela/Nigeria
Interview with Nigerian guitarist and band leader Soji Odukogbe
Acoustic live performance soji
Soji/Golusa/In the flow/Nigeria
Conversation with Soji Odukogbe
Soji/Onyogue/In the flow/Nigeria
Tabu Ley/Lisanga Ya Banganga/The voice of lightness/D.R.C.
Tabu Ley/Ohambe/The voice of lightness/D.R.Congo
 Ablaye Ndiaye/Talene Lampe Yi/Thiossane/Senegal
Zani Diabate/Nikoyi/Tientalaw/Mali

Ricardo Lemvo/BoomBoom Tarara/Sao Salvador/Angola,D.R.C.
Modogo and Sam/Black Bazar/Black Bazar/D.R.C.