Saturday, May 26, 2012

Emmanuel Nado's Playlist for May 24,2012


Fela Kuti/Highlife Time/Roughguide to Highlife/Nigeria
Seprewa Kassa/Dagomba/Seprewa speaks guitar answers/Ghana
Bobby Benson/Taxi Driver/Roughguide to Highlife/Nigeria
Victore Uwaifo/Do Amen Do/Roughguide to Highlife/Nigeria
Seprewa Kassa/Towoboase/Roughguide to Highlife/Ghana

9:35pm - 10:15pm

The San Francisco band LoCura reflects the Bay's diverse mix of cultures, histories and people through music.  Members of the band come from as far away as Spain, and as close as the Mission district. They blend flamenco, Cuban son, reggae, cumbia, ska and more to make their own border-crossing brand of revolutionary party music. With the release of their new album, Semilla Caminante,   lead singer Kata Miletich and guitarist Bob Sanders were my guests along with  La Cuneta son Machin from Nicaragua.

Locura/Guerillera/Semilla Caminante/Spain/U.S.A.
La Cuneta Son Machin/Catallina/El Zafarrancho/Nicaragua
Locura/Manzanilla/Semilla Caminante/Spain U.S.A.
La Cuneta Son Machin/La Del Mano Colorado/El Zafarrancho/Nicaragua

10:15pm - 10:30pm

Ara Ketu/Um canto forte/Araketu/Brazil

10:30pm- 10:45pm
Sona Tata/Aicha/Sona Tata Conde/Guinee
Lutchiana/Eki/Lutchiana 100%/D.R.Congo
Sierra Leone Refugee/Kali/Radio Salone/Sierra Leone
Manecas Costa/Osokati/Paraiso di Gumbe/Guinee Bissau
Andre Tala Marie/MifiStreet/Source des Montagnes/Cameroon

10:45pm- 11pm
Porthos/Soki Alandi/Les merveilles du passe/D.R.Congo
Seun Kuti/Mr Big thief/Rise/Nigeria