Sunday, August 21, 2011

Playlist for August 18,2011

"It is very,very important for me to help albino people,because they need help, and it is my duty,because
I am albino too." Afro-pop pioneer Salif Keita

Theme song: Aurelio Martinez/Oh Africa/Belize

Addis Acoustic Project/Ambassel/Twesta/Ethiopia
Tcheca/Kre Ka Nha/Nu Monda/Cape Verde Island
Super Mama Djombo/Fijo di Mi/Ar Puro/Guinee Bissau
Boubacar Traore/Djougouya Niagnini/Mali Dehnou/Mali
Ismael Lo/Tabajone/ Ismael L /Senegal
Idir/Zwit Rwit/Cairo toCasablanca/Algeria

Pierre Akendengue/Ndego/Espoir a soweto/Gabon
Youssou Ndour/Bamba/Dakar-Kingston/Senegal
Ize/Oh Narina/Yes we can/Cape Verde
The Ogyatanaa show band/Ageisheka/GhanaSoundz/Ghana
Baba Ken Okulolo/We are all from Africa/We are all from Africa/Nigeria
Johnny Clegg/Nyembezi/Human/South Africa/Zimbabwe

ColombiAfrica/Quien mada a Quien/voodooLove in/Colombia
Los Nemus del pacifico/Del Choco pa'l Congo/Son montuno es salsa/Colombia
Juan Luis Guerra/A Pedir su mano/Bachata Rosa/Dominica Republic
Carlinhos Brown/Horario de veces/Bahia do Mundo/Brazil
Boy Ge Mendens&Manou Lima/Nila/Le meilleur de l'Afrozouk/Cape Verde
Sam Mangwana&Franco/Cherie B.B./For ever/D.R.Congo-Angola

Fredy Massamba/Zonza/AfricaBeat/CongoBrazaville
Freshlyground/Vula Amehlo/Radio Africa/SouthAfrica
9ice/Alapomeji Anthem/AfricanBeat/Nigeria
Edith Lefel/Si Seulement/Megazouk/Martinique

Nyboma&Pepe Kalle/Moyibi/Moyibi/D.R.Congo
Werrason/Techno Malewa/Werrason?D.R.Congo
Youles/Tu gates tu meurs/Mapouka/Cote d'Ivoire
DJ Marechal/Sekaseka/Decale/Cote d'Ivoire

Oliver Ngoma/Nge/Gabon
BanaOk/Mamy Ngolo/Interpellation/D.R.Congo

End of program theme song.
Bob Marley/One Love/Jamaica

Sunday, August 07, 2011

Nado's playlist for August 4,2011

Fely Tchaco/Afrique Bou le wou/Maturite/Cote d'Ivoire
Toubab Krewe/Wassoulou/Toubab Krewe/U.S.A.
Daara J Family?unite 75/Songs about leaving Africa/Senegal
Youssou Ndour/Redemption song/Dakar to Kingston/Senegal
Mahlatini Mahotella/ThukoKeleta/Ind.beat of Soweto/SouthAfrica
Habib Koite/Massakala/Boiro/Mali

Elias Negash is an extraordinary keyboardist, musician,songwriter and composer from Ethiopia who has worked with such stars as Dennis Brown, Linda Ronstadt, the Rastafarians, Ras Michael and many more.He is currently the president of theEthiopian Arts Forum of the bayarea. Elias is one of the bay area world music pioneers back in the 80s performing with several bay area band. He is my guest on today's Africamix.

Conversation with Elias Negash......

Elias Negash/No woman no cry/from the upcoming CD Jazzed Up/Ethiopia
Conversation with Elias Negash
Elias Negash/Perfect 10/from the upcoming CD Jazzed Up/Ethiopia

Debo Band/Musicawi silt/Famingsh/Ethiopia
Debo Band/Lantchi Bye/famingsh/Ethiopia
Razai Sai/Babonao/Zebu Nation/Madagascar
Kilema/Ka Andasy/Kamalisa/Madagascar
Amar/Cheb Khaled/El Harba Wine/Kenza/Algeria

Sam Mangwana/No me digas no/No me digas no/Angola/D.R.Congo
Lura/Fitico di funana/Mben di fora/Cape Vert
West African Highlife Band/Bere Bote/Salute to Highlife Pioneers/Nigeria/Ghana
Kanda Bongoman/Mabel/Non stop feeling/D.R.Congo
Pierrete Adams/C'est pareil/Je vous salue marie/D.R.Congo
Sam Fan Thomas/Noa/AfricTypicCollection/Cameroon

Araketu/Um canto forte/Um canto forte/Brazil
A tribute to Joe arroyo the great colombian salsero died on july 26 at a clinic in his hometown of barranquilla.
Joe Arroyo/El centurion de la noche/Grande exitos/Colombia
Joe Arroyo/Yamule mao/El sonero de America/Colombia
Joe Arroyo/Rebelion/Grande exitos/Colombia
Kanda Bongoman/Sai/Kanda Bongoman/D.R.Congo

Sergeant Garcia/Soy Salsamuffin/Una Y Otra Vez
Kandav's/Leve/l'Annee du zouk 98/Guadeloupe
Lucien Bokilo/Missette/One way/D.R.Congo
Samba Mapangala/Africa yetu/Karibu Kenya/Kenya