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E.Nado's playlist for Dec,27,2012

Wishing you and your love ones a Happy,healthy and prosperous NewYear!
“The horizon will not disappear as you run towards it” (African proverb)
                                           Follow your dreams….
Vijana Nuta Jazz/Ilikuw Ni Lifti/The best of Tanzania
Mbaraka/Nisalimie Wana Zaire/Vol.1/Tanzania
Salif Keita/Ignadjidje/Mansa of Mali Retrosp/Mali
Angelique Kidjo/AE AE/Djin Djin/Benin
Sara Tavares/One Love/Balance/Cape Verde
Olivier Mtukudzi/Ziwere/Tuku music/Zimbababwe
Samira Saeid/Saab Alyia/Arabic Beat/Algeria
Pape&Cheick/Yatal Guew/Mariama/Senegal
Bongos Ikwue/Wulu wulu/African Roots/Nigeria
Chicco/Xixolele baba/SouthAfrica Rhythms Riot/SouthAfrica
Ali Hassan/Sukkar Sukkar Sukkar/From Nubia to Cairo/Sudan
Celia Cruz/A Bailar mi Bomba/Celia Cruz
Habib Koite/Wassiye/Bamada/Mali
Oliver Ngoma/Seva/Bijou/Gabon
Oliver Ngoma/Bane/Bane/Gabon
Samba Mapangala/Siku Ya Mwisho/Song&Dance/Kenya
Amar Diab/Amarin/ArabicGrooves/Egypt
Various Ivoirians Artists/Couper Decaler
Maurice Ndjoume/Maimouna/Maurice Ndjoume/Cameroon
Los Nemus del Pacifico/Playa Brias Y Mar/Salsa Es Son montuno/Colombia
Extra Musica/Laisser Passer/Shalai/D.R.Congo

As always,thank for tuning in.

Saturday, December 15, 2012

Emmanuel Nado and Edwin Okongo with KPFA's Africa Today host Walter Turner

 Africa Mix program 
The goal is to give a voice and a platform to Africans living not only in the bay area but also throughout the United States wherever they may live and give them an opportunity to present their countries and culture positively. Ignorance is not taught at school and we want to present Africa the way we see it not the way people who have not lived there see it. It is a continent of educated people who have tremendous knowledge of the world, strong people who assimilated easily yet maintains a strong culture. We want people to know that Africa is like any modern society

Saturday, December 08, 2012

EmmanuelNado Playlist for 12/6/12

Theme song;  Aurelio Martinez/ OhAfrica/Belize

Tony Allen/Ariya/The Srine/Nigeria
So Kalmery/Kamitik Soul/Brakka System/D.R.Congo
Mamou Sidibe/Wimissa/The Shrine/Mali
Thomas Mapfumo/Marudzi/Rise Up/Zimbabwe
Jabu Khanyile&Yvonne /chakaChaka/Township Jive/South Africa
Paul Simon/Further to fly/The Rhythm of the saints/

The Haitian band Zing Experience combines Haitian roots music,pop and rock to create their unique sound. Zing Experience is fronted by husband/wife duo Paul Beaubrun and Cynthia Casasola. They stopped by Africamix to share their music and story with the listeners.

Conversation with Paul Beaubrun and Cynthia Casasola
ZingExperience/Voodo Ceremony/Project Haiti/Haiti
Conversation with Paul Beaubrun and Cynthia Casasola
ZingExperience/Project Haiti/Project Haiti/Haiti
Conversation with Paul Beaubrun and Cynthia Casasola
ZingExperience/Kay La Mande Rouze/Project Haiti

Ceumar/Rosa Maria/Dindinha/Brasil
Bob Marley/Buffalo Soldier/Legend/Jamaica
IgdEl Djilad/Nafier/Madaris/Soudan
Diabel Cissokho/KanaborySiyama/Miniyamba/
9Ice/Alapomeji Anthem/Tradition/Nigeria
Lura/Vazulina/Di Korpo Ku Alma/CapeVerde

Kanda Bongo Man/Monie/ZingZong/D.R.Congo
Penzi Laua/Kenya
Syran Mbenza/Mado/Immortal Franco/D.R.Congo

End theme song; Bob Marley/One Love

Tuesday, November 20, 2012

Emmanuel Nado Playlist Nov 22.2012

              Artist/  Song/  CD/  Country/  Label
Pierre Akendegue/Epuguzu/P.Akendegue/Gabon/Celluloid
Sory Kandia Kouyate/Nna/La Voix de la Revolution/Guinee/Sterns
Juluka/Nans Impi/J.Clegg&Juluka/SouthAfrica/
Muriel Mwamba/Mayo Mpapa/Lullaby/Zambia/
Ismael Lo/Jelebi/Lo/Senegal/Celluloid
Samite/Webake/Samite/Uganda/Green LinnetRecords

Super Rail Band/Sanankoro Moriba/Madingo/SavanaRock/Mali
Kassav/Rete(live)/Au Zenith/Guadeloupe/Sono Records
Zin/Kanpe Sou Yon Bit/Kanpe Sou Yon Bit/Haiti/Zin Records
Hijos de Agueybana/Saludo al Sol/Agua del Sol/Puerto Rico/Tumi Records
Alpha Blondy/Brigadier Sabari/Alpha Blondy/Cote d’ivoire/Syllart Productions
Syran Mbenza/Cherie Bondowe/Immortal Franco/D.R.Congo/Sterns

TeddyAffro/Musicawit /Roughguide to Ethiopia/WorldMusic network
Birhanu& Madingo/Selam Yager Sew/Nahom favorite/Ethiopia
Bob Marley/Could you be loved/B.Marley Greatest Hits/Jamaica
Danone O’sow/Tesegu/Savane/Cote d’Ivoire
Rupa&the April Fishes/Weeds/Build/U.S.A./Electric Gumbo Radio
Ali Slimani/Lirah remix/Arabia Grooves/Algeria/Putumayo

Staff Benda Bilili/Osali Mabe/Bouger le monde/D.R.Congo
Modogo&Sam/Black Bazar Remix/Black Bazar/D.R.Congo
Makossa Mix

Tuesday, November 13, 2012

E.Nado Playlist November 8,2012

Staff Benda Bilili/Osali Mabe/Bouger Bouger/D.R.Congo
Tunji Oyelana/Osekere/Nigeria Retrospective/Nigeria
Samite/The Soroti Boys Song/Tula Eno/Ouganda
Angelique Kidjo/Congo Leo/Oyaya/Benin


Conversation with Rupa Marya of Rupa and the April Fishes

Rupa & The April Fishes/Build/Build/
Conversation with Rupa

Rupa & The April Fishes/Weeds/Build
Conversation with Rupa

Rupa & The April Fishes/Sur La Route/Build
Conversation with Rupa

Rupa & The April Fishes/Electric Gombo Radio/Build

10;15pm to 10:35

“Build” is the latest disc from San Francisco’s international band Rupa and the April Fishes.  Only few weeks after it was released the disc rapidly climbed to the top ten world music charts. It opens with the title track a very beautiful song written by Rupa Marya the incredible lead singer of Indian roots, American and European upbringing. Two things immediately strike me about this album. First Rupa’s perfectly controlled , and distinctive vocal is outstanding as she sings the story behind  the album title The second is the musical mix styles that unfolds throughout, American, European pop, jazz, reggae,latin flavor, and world folk music. Rupa and the April Fishes deliver all that and more, spinning a tapestry of sound so alluring I find it hard not to be engulfed by the infectiousness of it all. The second track on the disc “Weeds” yields a reggae beat, this one is a great musical story about Rupa’s travel to Chiappa, Mexico. Here again she displays a strong vocal command while the sizzling rhythm section stays crisp and clean all the way (reminding me the rhythm section of Africa’s reggae star Alpha Blondi) “Sur La Route” is a French song; the music here hinges more on ska ,European pop and club trends, as a testimony of Rupa’s cultural and linguistic breadth. The last track “Electric Gumbo radio”, is a kind of new music style which is the mainstay of “Build” The concoction on “Build” is a global pop brew, a collection of musical vignettes that brims with themes of love nature, and social consciousness.  I love it and you’ll fall in love with it as well… Emmanuel Nado (Africamix on KALW radio San Francisco)

Zani Diabate/Ni Zani Mana/Zani Diabate et les Heritiers/Mali
Bonga/Mulema Xangola/Mulemba Xangola/Angola
Macire Sylla/Penpere/Massa/Mali
Kotoja/Vami Duwe/Sawale/Nigeria
Mbusi Mahlonga/Yehlisan/Urban Zulu Mix

10 :35pm to 11pm

Sekouba Bambino/Famou Remix/Sinikan/Guinee
Syran Mbenza/Beyou Motema/Heritage Ya Luambo/D.R.C.
Emeline Michel/Mose Manman/Cordes & Armes
Les Barons/Lagos Sound System/Les Barons
Nancy Vieira/Maylen/No Amas/Cape Verde

Sunday, October 21, 2012

Africamix presents
 Rupa ( The April Fishes)  November 8th 

Lead singer Rupa was born to Indian parents in San Francisco and raised in the U.S.,Indian, and the south of France. Rupa & The April Fishes are one of the hottest musical acts to come out of San Francisco in the several years. The band which takes his name from the French version of April Fool’s Day is the foremost exponent of a style which cross all music boundaries. Rupas is a practicing physician by day a singer by night..She draws comparaisons to everyone from Regina Spektor,Manu Chao to Tom Wait, but singer, songwriter and performer Rupa has a sound all her own.Whether singing in French, Spanish, English,Romany,Hindi or Trotzil,  she echoes the roots of all the music she grew up listening to.The band’s latest release “Build” is the sum of all her influences. She will be my guest on Africamix November 8. Tune in to hear her story.

Saturday, September 22, 2012

Emmanuel Nado playlist for 9/20/2012

As Ken Wiwa the son of Ken Saro Wiwa leader of the Ogoni people of Nigeria assassinated by the Nigeria government in 1995 said’ “When voices as my father are silenced, other rise and often they belong to musicians. African musicians carry a secret burden. They are the griots, the historians of its rich, varied complex past.”  African artists have  so often written beautiful melodies and poignant lyrics which paint the continent in all its grandeur and beauty… On today’s show I featured songs by various artists singing the praises of Africa.
Vukani Mawethu/Nkosi Sikeleli Africa/
Miriam Makeba/Africa we love you/South Africa                           
Fela Kuti/Viva Africa/Nigeria
Jovino Dos Santos/Mamae Africa/Brazil
Seta Toure/Africa/Senegal
Cutt Glass/Halala Africa/South Africa
Jerry Jhetto/Silver and Gold/Nigeria

No other continent has been sung about as much as Africa. Whether they are on the continent or outside in the Diaspora the message from these artists is the same. The love and longing they have for the continent.
United African Artists/Africa for Africa
Thsala Muana/Africa Mokili Mobimba/D.R.C.
Danny Silva/Africa Mamae/Cape Vert
Zena Bacar/Samuelkela Africa/Mozambique
Longue Longue/Africa/Cameroun

10pm  10:57pm Conversation and music mix with my guest DJ Elembe Blaise from Cameroon

Friday, September 14, 2012

Playlist September 13: Become a Member of Africa Mix

Emmanuel Nado and Edwin Okong'o reunited for another KALW membership drive. KALW is a listener-supported, which gives the station the liberty to host programs like Africa Mix. It's because of our members that we are able to play music without without the commercial interruption found in commercial radio stations.

In addition to being a place where lovers of African music can listen to it every Thursday, Africa Mix has also become an important platform for the African community in the San Francisco Bay Area. This is a program where anyone serving the community can request to come in and speak about the work they are doing.

For the first set of this week's playlist we played African music produced here in the San Francisco Bay Area. This is further testimony that your membership allows us to bring you content that we think deserves your ear -- not what special interests think you should listen to.

Please become part of this grassroots movement to give the local African community a much-needed voice. If you are in North America, call 1-800-525-9917 to become a member. All others can do so online by clicking on this link.

Here is the playlist:

Saturday, September 08, 2012

Emmanuel Nado playlist for Sept 6,2012

“Let’s us be thankful for those who makes us happy for they make our souls blossom.”
Ivorian proverb.

Vusa Mkhaya/Sohlangana/Vocalism/Zimbabwe
Blay Ambolley/O Maame O Papa/Sekunde/Ghana
Angelique Kidjo/Bahia/Black Ivory Soul/Benin
Cesaria Evora/Africa Nosa/
Ndala Kasheba/Nimillie Nam/YellowCard/Tanzania
Mose FanFan/Hello Hello/Congo Acoustic/D.R.Congo

Fela Kuti/Buy Africa/Essentials Fela/Nigeria
Interview with Nigerian guitarist and band leader Soji Odukogbe
Acoustic live performance soji
Soji/Golusa/In the flow/Nigeria
Conversation with Soji Odukogbe
Soji/Onyogue/In the flow/Nigeria
Tabu Ley/Lisanga Ya Banganga/The voice of lightness/D.R.C.
Tabu Ley/Ohambe/The voice of lightness/D.R.Congo
 Ablaye Ndiaye/Talene Lampe Yi/Thiossane/Senegal
Zani Diabate/Nikoyi/Tientalaw/Mali

Ricardo Lemvo/BoomBoom Tarara/Sao Salvador/Angola,D.R.C.
Modogo and Sam/Black Bazar/Black Bazar/D.R.C.

Friday, August 31, 2012

Okong'o's Playlist -- August 30

9 PM

Zombie/Fela Kuti/The Best Of Fela Kuti/Nigeria
Truth Don Die/Femi Kuti/The Very Best Of Africa/Nigeria
Mr. Big Thief/Seun Kuti/From Africa With Fury: Rise/Nigeria
Seun Kuti Promo 0:15 Seun Kuti Africa Mix Promos 20 10
Zombie/Fela Kuti The Best Of Fela Kuti/Nigeria (Song repeated due to CD error)

9:30 PM

Kijiti/Bi Kidude/Zanzibara Vol 4/Tanzania
Jino La Pembe /Zuhura Swaleh With Maulidi Musical Party/Africa - Never Stand Still/Tanzania
Elama/Yasser Habeeb/Sahara Lounge/UAE
Falani/Bassekou Kouyate & Ngoni Ba/I Speak Fula/Mali
Ah Ndiya /Oumou Sangaré/Africa - Never Stand Still/Mali

10 PM

I'm not sober/Jamnazi/Unknown Album/Kenya
Afro Beat (Medley)/Shimita El Diego & Affro-Muzika/K. O./D.R. Congo          

10:30 PM

Mtoto Wa Dandu/Cool James/Sina Makosa/Tanzania
Karolina/Awilo/Mondongo/DR Congo

Wednesday, August 29, 2012

Saturday, August 25, 2012

Emmanuel Nado's playlist August 23,2012

-.A Wiseman never knows all, only fools know everything—
African proverb.

Acoustic Africa—Afropean Woman
Featuring Dobet Gnahoré, Kareyce Fotso, and Manou Gallo
Saturday, October 13, 8:00PM
Scottish Rite Center, 
12th St. Oakland

For the first time, rising women vocalists of Africa are showcased in the ongoing journey of Acoustic Africa. The three women embody, as well as inhabit, this cross-cultural realm between their respective home countries (the Ivory Coast and Cameroon) and their lives in Europe. More info at www. & 415-575-6175


9;03 -9;30pm
Razia/Mifohaza/Zebu Nation/Madagascar/Cumbancha
Debo Band/Ney Ney Waleba/Debo Band/Ethiopia/Next Ambiance
Youssoupha Sidibe/Xelkom/Xelkom/Senegal
Abdoulaye Diabate/Denin/Sara/Guinee Rep/Completelly Nuts records
Baka Beyond/Booma Lena/The melting pool/Africa-UK.Hanibal records
Tabou Combo/Juanita/Taboulogy/Haiti/CMC Records

9 :30-10 ;15pm
Blay Ambolley/Africa ye/Sekunde/Ghana
Soji/No limit/In the flow/Nigeria
Saida karoli/Omukaili Kilinjwi/Mapenzi Kizunguzungu/Tanzania
Mokoomba/Mangogo/Rising Tide/Zimbabwe/Zig Zag World
Les Wanyika/Sina Makosa/Wanyika super/Kenya
Osvaldo Chacon/Caracter deportivo/Salsa Timba Cuba/ARC music

Meklit &Quinn/Sent by you/Meklit&quinn/Porto franco records
Staff Benda Bilili/Osali Mabe/Bouger le monde/D.R.Congo
Prince Eyango/On tourne la page/Mentalite Africaine/Cameroon/
Dr. Nico/Aruna/Musique du congo/
Mbilia bel/Nakei Nairobi/Nostalgic Vol1
Dr. Nico/Limbis Ngai/Musique du congo

10 :40-10 :57pm
Dobet Gnahore/Cote d’Ivoire/Djekpa la lou/Cote d’Ivoire/Contrejour
Kareyce Fotso/Lomdieu/Kwegne/Cameroon/Contrejour
Ali  Keita/Abidjan Folie/Akwaba/Cote d’Ivoire/Contrejour

Friday, August 17, 2012

Okong'o's Playlist -- August 16

9 PM -- Show Opens

Say Africa/Vusi Mahlasela/Say Africa/South Africa
Worio Wata/Seleshe Demassae/Africa Never Stand Still/Ethiopia
Namanyada/Ben Michael & The Zigzaggers/Moyo Wamtauni/Malawi
Ngoma Nehosho/Oliver Mtukudzi/Paivepo/Zimbabwe
Ndave Kuenda/Thomas Mapfumo & Blacks Unlimited/Chimurenga '98/Zimbabwe

9:30 PM

Woza/Vusi Mahlasela/Say Africa/South Africa
Ndéleng Ndéleng/Orchestra Baobab/Made In Dakar/Senegal
Kisumu 100 (Benga Mix)/Suzzana Owiyo/Mama Africa/Kenya
Soffry Soffry Catch Monkey/Ikenga Super Stars Of Africa/Greedy Man/Nigeria

10:00 PM

Yori Yori/Bracket/Album Unknown/Nigeria    
He is a Liar/Mercy Myra/Album Unkown/Kenya                                 
Dunia Dudumizi/X Plastaz/Swahili Rap from Tanzania/Tanzania
Staff Benda Bilili/Staff Benda Bilili/Très très fort/DR Congo
Donnah/Steve Onyango ft. Extra Golden/Onyango Nyakwar Duka/Kenya

 10:30 PM

Proverbes 22:1/Zaiko Langalanga/Poison/DR Congo
Cache Cache/Awilo Longomba/Kafou Kafou/DR Congo
 Le roi pélé marie/Wenge Musica, Mbilia Bel & General Defao/Album Unknown/DR Congo


Friday, August 10, 2012

Nado's playlist 8/9/2012

“When we rise in the morning…at the table we drink coffee which is provided for us by South America,or tea by a Chinese, or cocoa by a West African. Before we leave our jobs we are beholden to more than half the world.”-----Martin Luther King---

Super Mama Djombo/No Festa/Ar Puro/Guinee Bissau
Super Cayor de Dakar/Xamsa Bopp/Super Cayor/Senegal
Os Tubaros/Djonshina Cebel/Cape Vert
Tabu Ley/Congo Leo/Tempelo/D.R.Congo
Chico Cesar/Mama Africa/Brasileiro/Brazil
Rocky Dawuni/Sun is Shining/Tribute to a Reggae Legend/Ghana

Janka Nabay/Ro Lungi/EnYaySah/Sierra Leone
Sidi Toure/A Chacun sa chance/Koima/Mali
Mokoomba/Mabemba/Rising Tide/Zimbabwe
Mokoomba/Misozi/Rising Tide/Zimbabwe
Orchestra Makassy/Muungano/Legends of East Africa/Tanzania
Malavoi/Amelia/the best of/Martinique

Debo band/Habesha/Debo Band/Ethiopia
Krar Collective/Welaita/Super Krar/Ethiopia
Invisible System/Ambassel/Rguide to Ethiopia
Soji/Moyege/In the Flow/Nigeria
Seun Kuti/For Dem Eye/From Africa with Fury/Nigeria

T.P.J./Pousse toi/soukouss/D.R.Congo
Ricardo Lemvo/Kasonga Boogaloo/Retrospective/Angola/D.R.C.
Juan Luis Guerra&Diblo/Fogarate/Los Grandes del meringue/
Various artists/Makossamix/

Wednesday, August 08, 2012

Okong'o's Playlist August 2, 2012

9:00 -- Show begins

Hera Mudho/Limpopo Musa Juma/Kenya
Massikini/Franco Et Le T.P. O.K. Jazz/Franco Chante "Mamou" (Tu Vois?)/DR Congo
Maria Tebbo/Sam Mangwana/Sam Mangwana/DR Congo


African Salsa/Pape Fall/African Salsa/Senegal
Agor/Martin K. Obeng/Africa Never Stand Still/Ghana
The Click Song/Miriam Makeba/The Very Best Of Africa/S. Africa
Yeye/Mongo Santamaría/Global Celebration: Dancing With the Gods/Cuba
Queen na Buyaki/Monyocho bw' Araka/Kanindo Singles Collection/Kenya


Magie/Koffi Olomide/Magie/DR Congo
Bouger Bouger/Magic System/Cote d'Ivoire
Papa Stop The War/Chicco/S. Africa
Amarain/Amr Diab/Arabic Groove/Egypt
Bambarare/Afel Bocoum/Niger/Mali


Soukous Trouble/Aurlus Mabele et Loketo/Soukous Trouble/DR Congo
Bazo/Soukous Stars & Yondo Sister/Bazo/DR Congo
Bina/Alain Kounkou/Soukouss Grands Effets/DR Congo
Mtoto Wa Dandu/Cool James/Sina Makosa/Tanzania
Adhiambo/Deux Vultures/Kenya

10:57 -- Show ends

Saturday, July 21, 2012

Emmanuel Nado's Playlist for July 19, 2012

"If we have no peace,it is because we have forgotten that we belong to each other."
-Mother Teresa


Opening theme song: Aurelios Martinez/Africa/Belize
Kareyce Fotso/Sea Chant/Kwegne/Cameroon
Sia Tolno/Kongossa/My Life/Sierra Leone
H.Koite/A.Bocoum.O.Mtukudzi/MaliZim/Acoustic Africa/
Boubacar Traore/Mali Denhou/Mali Denhnou/Mali
Chief Stephen Osita/Osondi Owendi/Roughguide to Highlife/Ghana
Maria de Barros/Nos Paraiso/Morabeza/Cape Vert

Interview with Cape Verdian singer Maria de Barros

Youssou Ndour/Africa Dream Again/Dakar-Kingston/Senegal
Krar Collective/Super Krar/Ethiopia
Dub Colossus/Uptown Top Ranking/Addis Through The Looking Glass/Ethiopia
Sorry Bamba/Yayoroba/Volume One 1970-1979/Mali
Baka Beyond/Bwambwa/Ete/UK/Ghana/Senegal
Antunes,Scandurra,Toumani/Muito Alem/A Cruva Da Cintura/Mali,Brazil

Mokoomba/Njoka/Rising Tide/Zimbabwe
Mokoomba/Masangango/Rising Tide/Zimbabwe
Mokoomba/Misozi/Rising Tide/Zimbabwe
Soji Odukogbe/Oniyani/In the flow/Nigeria
Les Geants/Naji/Formule 1/D.R.C.
End theme song : Bob Marley/One Love/Jamaica

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on twitter @echoesofafrica

Saturday, July 14, 2012

Okong'o's Playlist -- July 12, 2012

 9:00 -- Show begins 

Kumbusora/Mandinka Musicians/Africa - Never Stand Still/Gambia      Zithande/Freshlyground/Nomvula/S. African, and Zimbabwe
Njambi/John Nderitu/Album Unknown/Kenya
Heygana/Ali Farka Touré/Africa - Never Stand Still/Mali        Rokoto Frenzy/Abdul Tee Jay's Rokoto/Africa - Never Stand Still/               


Afro Blue/Keenan Webster & Balafo/Talking Wood/USA
Every Ghetto, Every City/Lauryn Hill/The Miseducation of Lauryn Hill/Haiti           
Ndirangarire/Oliver Mtukudzi/Ziwere Mukobenhavn/Zimbabwe
/Zagazougou/Allah Ma Diana/Cote d'Ivoire        Rondomori/Pierre Akendengué/Africa - Never Stand Still/Gabon


 Sala Noki/Le General Defao/Copinage/DR Congo                       
Ekemankurume/Bana Sungusia/Amayianda/Kenya
Solidarité/Magic System/Poisson d'Avril/Cote d'Ivoire
Kounkou/Alain Kounkou/Top Millenium/DR Congo
M'Fono Yami/Papa Wemba/Papa Wemba EP/DR Congo


Regina la Lengua Larga/Dogardisc/Los Reyes de la Champeta/Colombia
Le roi pélé marie/Wenge Musica, Mbilia Bel & General Defao/Unkown album/DR Congo
Dunia/Lady Isa/Unknown album/DR Congo
Dunia tutapita/Samba Mapangala/Dunia tutapita/Kenya
Dunia Dudumizi/X Plastaz/Maasai Hip Hop/Tanzania

10:57 -- Show ends

Sunday, July 08, 2012

E.Nado playlist for July 5,2012

Dawda Jobarteh/Nakano/Gambian Night/Gambia
Kante Manfila/Amy/Back to Farabana/Guinee
Sekouba Diakhite/Douneya/Sejo/Cote d’Ivoire
Sweet Talks/Juliana/RoughGuide to Highlife/Ghana
Le Super Borgou de Parakou/SembeSembeBoudou/The Bariba Sound/Benin
The Africa Project/Jam in the Garden/ 2 countries/14 musicians Ghana/U.S.A.

Groupe Mazanga/Salamo Salam/Morocco
Debo Band/Asha Gedawo/Debo Band/Ethiopia
Mikea/Longo Raty/Taholy/Madagascar
Orchesra Makassy/Athumani/Legends of East Africa/

Nancy Viera/No Ama/No Ama/Cape Vert
Boca Do Rio/Time Alone/Boca Do Rio/Brazil,U.S.A.
Pepe Vasquez/Voy Cantando/Ritmo De Negros/Peru
Lala Izquierdo/Ritmo Negro del Peru/De Rompe y Raja/Peru
Orquesta Melodias Del 40/Seis Lindas Cubanas/Orquestas de los anos 50
Sergent Garcia/Yo soy salsamuffin/Una YOtra Vez

10 :30-11pm
Awilo Longomba/Modogo/Modogo/D.R.Congo
Lutchiana/Eki/Point d’Interrogation/D.R.Congo
Magic System/Yakouke Yaya/The best of/Cote d’Ivoire
Alpha Blondy/Who are you/Merci/Cote d’Ivoire
Pierrette Adams/C’est pareil/Je vous salue Marie/D.R.Congo

Friday, June 22, 2012

Emmanuel Nado's Playlist for June21,2012


9 :03pm
Diali Cissokho/Kaira/Kairaba
Diali Keba Cissokho/Africa/Sunnuy Maam/
Samba Toure/Moussoya/Crocodile Blues/Mali
Konkoma/Jojo’s Song/Konkoma/Ghana;UK
Ganbge Brass Band/Remember Fela/Whendo/Benin
Cheick Lo/Bourama/Jamm/Senegal
Koo Nimo/See Wo Nomo/Highlife Roots Revival/Ghana

The Spy From Cairo/Taksim Square/Arabadub/U.S.A.
Afrolicious/Never Let No One/Pleasure/U.S.A
Lucky Dube/My Game/Victims/South Africa
Teddy Afro/Lemn Yhon/Yastesseryal/Ethiopia
Toure-Raichel/Toure/The Tel Aviv Session
Rasha/Aguis Mahasnik Biman/Sudanyat/Sudan

Vijana Jazz Band/Salima Utakujajuta/The Koka Koka Sex Battalion/Tanzania
Samba Mapangala/Maisha Ni Matamu/Life is Sweet/Kenya
Aurlus Mabele/Hip hop soukous/Plateau En Or/D.R.Congo
Modogo & Sam/Black Bazar remix/Black Bazar/D.R.C.
Aurlus Mabele/Maprie/Plateau En Or/D.R.C.
Pepe Kalle/Young Africa/Gardez votre souffle/D.R.C.

10 :35pm-11pm
Nyboma/Double Double/D.R.C.
Martinho Da Vila/Vamos Cultivar/Lusofonia/Angola
Rail Band/Dermagni/Super Rail Band de Bamako/Mali

Thursday, June 07, 2012

Emmanuel Nado's Playlist for June7,2012

We highly recommend these CDs.


9 :05pm-9 :30pm

Dobet Gnahore/Boudou/Djepka La Lou/Cote d’Ivoire
Afel Bocoum/Immigration/Tabital Pulaaku/Mali
Aly Keita/Maloya/Akwaba/ Inisene
Ganbge Brass Band/Beautiful Africa/Assiko/Benin
Kareyce Fotso/So’A/Kwene/Cameroon


Bonga/Saide Cene/Hora Kota Angola
Le Super Borgou de Parakou/Adiza Claire/Benin
Soul Brothers/Edlozi/Idlozi/South Africa
Hisham Abbas/Intil Waheeda/Kalam Ellsil/Egypt


Kareyce Fosto/Lomdieu/Kwene/Cameroon
Dobet Gnahore/N’fletoum/Djepka La You/Cote d’Ivoire
Afel Bocoum/Diadie/Tabital Pulaaku/Mali
Nancy Viera/Maylen/No Ama/Cape Vert
Ismael Lo/Ma fille/Senegal
Dede Saint Prix/Pibicite/Les hits du zouk/Martinique

10 :30pm-11 :00pm

Sierra Leone Refugee/Man Mayu/Radio Salone
Agwaya Mega/Infanterie/ D.R.Congo
Africa Connection/Soukous Extra/D.R.Congo
Soule Ngo Fo Man/Fatou la Malienne/Soukous Chire/D.R.Congo

End of show theme song : One Love by Bob Marley

Saturday, May 26, 2012

Emmanuel Nado's Playlist for May 24,2012


Fela Kuti/Highlife Time/Roughguide to Highlife/Nigeria
Seprewa Kassa/Dagomba/Seprewa speaks guitar answers/Ghana
Bobby Benson/Taxi Driver/Roughguide to Highlife/Nigeria
Victore Uwaifo/Do Amen Do/Roughguide to Highlife/Nigeria
Seprewa Kassa/Towoboase/Roughguide to Highlife/Ghana

9:35pm - 10:15pm

The San Francisco band LoCura reflects the Bay's diverse mix of cultures, histories and people through music.  Members of the band come from as far away as Spain, and as close as the Mission district. They blend flamenco, Cuban son, reggae, cumbia, ska and more to make their own border-crossing brand of revolutionary party music. With the release of their new album, Semilla Caminante,   lead singer Kata Miletich and guitarist Bob Sanders were my guests along with  La Cuneta son Machin from Nicaragua.

Locura/Guerillera/Semilla Caminante/Spain/U.S.A.
La Cuneta Son Machin/Catallina/El Zafarrancho/Nicaragua
Locura/Manzanilla/Semilla Caminante/Spain U.S.A.
La Cuneta Son Machin/La Del Mano Colorado/El Zafarrancho/Nicaragua

10:15pm - 10:30pm

Ara Ketu/Um canto forte/Araketu/Brazil

10:30pm- 10:45pm
Sona Tata/Aicha/Sona Tata Conde/Guinee
Lutchiana/Eki/Lutchiana 100%/D.R.Congo
Sierra Leone Refugee/Kali/Radio Salone/Sierra Leone
Manecas Costa/Osokati/Paraiso di Gumbe/Guinee Bissau
Andre Tala Marie/MifiStreet/Source des Montagnes/Cameroon

10:45pm- 11pm
Porthos/Soki Alandi/Les merveilles du passe/D.R.Congo
Seun Kuti/Mr Big thief/Rise/Nigeria