Thursday, July 05, 2007

Nado presents: A special series on Africa Mix

The Politics of African Music: Songs of Protest, Revolution, and Liberation
Selected Thursdays from 9:06–midnight

In this series Emmanuel Nado will explore the music and lyrics of some of the most outspoken African artists and the political contents of their songs. Although they were once singers who praised the political leadership in the continent, African artists have become the voice of millions disenchanted Africans and the critics of bad government. Many artists voice their anger and speak about social issues and injustices in their countries. The series will cover music from the early years of independence to the present.

As Ken Wiwa, the son of Ken Saro-Wiwa, leader of the Ogoni people (assassinated by the Nigerian government in 1995) said, "When voices like my father are silenced, others rise and often they belong to musicians. Africa’s musicians are the griots, the historians of Africa’s rich, varied and complex past.”

Among other artists, Fela Kuti will be featured. World-renowned for leading this rebellion through music, he was the rallying point for the Nigerian underclass and for political prisoners everywhere. Fela once said, "Music is the weapon for the future."

Please join Emmanuel Nado for this special series beginning July 19th.