Tuesday, July 26, 2011

Nado's playlist for July 21st 2011

“What all of us Africans share is much more important than what we don’t share.”
Senegalese singer Youssou Ndour


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Iyasa/Chimurenga/African Homeland/Zimbabwe/
Mahmoud Ahmed/Selam/Soul of Addis/Ethiopia/
Mamani Keita/Sinikan/Gagner Largent Francais/Mali/
Les Nubians/Africa for the Future/Nu Revolution/Cameroon-France
Cheick Lo/Folly Cagni/Jamm/Senegal/
Lokua Kanza/On veut du soleil/Nkolo/D.R.Congo/
Abderahmane Abdelli/Walagh/New Moon/Algeria/

Dele Abiodun/Alomoko/It’s Time/Nigeria/
Macire Sylla/Perenperen/Massa/Guinee/
Sia Tolno/Odju Watcha/Odju Watcha/Guinee-Sierra Leone
Longue Longue/Ayo Africa/Ayo Africa/Cameroon/
Bonga/Mulemba Xangola/Mulemba Xangola/Angola
Maria De Barros/Nha Mundo/Nha Mundo/Cape Vert/

African musicians have had a love affair with latin music especially with Afro Cuban music for many years dating back from the50s. Many bands from mostly French speaking African countries popularized the Cuban son montuno style along with some of the hot salsa hits which where coming from the NewYork PuertoRico salsa bands. Many of the lyrics where in the various native languages or the most spoken languages of the country. The African salsa pioneers where from Senegal, Cote d’Ivoire, Mali, Guinee, Gambia, and Congo. This set is a showcase of some of the Africa salsa pioneers and current leaders of African Salseros

Rochereau Tabuley/Tabalissimo/Tabuley/D.R.Congo
Pape Fall/African Salsa/Pape Fall/Senegal
Maravillas du Mali/Rendez-vous chez Fatimata/Mali/
Jose Missamou/Salsero de Brazaville/El Salsero Africano#1
Gnonnas Pedro/Filinwe/Gnonnas Pedro/Benin

Tintino/Descarga Feliciano/Salsa Pa Abidjan/Cote d’Ivoire
Super Cayor de Dakar/Xamsa Bopp/Senegal
Labba Sosseh/Maracaibo Oriental/Roberto Torres presents/Gambia
Bocaina Maiga/Africa Cha Onda/Boncaina Maiga/Mali
Papa Wemba/Jeancy/Nouvelle Ecriture/D.R.Congo
Ricardo Lemvo/Kasongo Boogaloo/Isabella/D.R.Congo/Angola
Africando/Linda Africanas/Martina/

Papa Wemba/Martina/Mzee Fulangee/D.R.Congo
Reddy Amisi/Madame F/ Prudence/D.R.Congo
Dj Roch/Bigodra/Feat.Kedjevara/Cote d’Ivoire
Fally Ipupa&Krys /Droit Chemin/D.R.Congo
Freshly Ground/Wanna be startin somethin/Radio Africa/South Africa
Banda Pike/So Nao Possoficar sem voce/Axe Bahia97
Daly Kimoko/Ma Hele/Move 2000/D.R.Congo

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