Sunday, April 29, 2012

Playlist for April 19,2012

2 new releases from Lusafrica and Cumbancha record labels will be our feature CDs for the month of May.


Papa Noel/Africa mokili mobimba/Café noir/D.R.Congo
Mory Kante/Yeke Yeke/Akwaba beach/Rep.Guinee
Youssou Ndour/Badien Live/Mbalax taw/Senegal
Orchestra Milimani Park/Mnani Oyn sha/Ngoma Yaukae/Tanzania
Tadesa Roba/Batina bluz/Nahom favorites/Ethiopia

Hassane Boukary/Zumbuga/Teku/Sudan
Tak Farinas/                          /Algeria
Laye Saw/Mauritania/Putumayo Africa beat/Senegal

Interview with Andrew Wood , Executive Director of San Francisco International Art Festival
The festival celebrates the arts through an annual gathering that brings together a global community of artists and audiences.

Sierra Leone R.A.S./Yesu Gorbu/Radio Salone/Sierra Leone
Sierra Leone/R.A.S./Manpama/Radio Salone/Sierra Leone
Modogo&Sam/Black bazar remix/Black Blazar/D.R.Congo
Antonio Marcos/Shywelele/Rough guide/Mazambique
Zaiko Langa Langa/Ingratitude/Zaiko LangaLangua/D.R.Congo
Baba Ken Okulolo/Sesekule/African Drum songs/Nigeria
Seun Kuti/Mr big thief/Rise/Nigeria
Seun Kuti/African soldiers/Rise/Nigeria