Friday, January 25, 2013

Emmanuel Nado Playlist for Jan 24, 2013

Most people search high and wide for the keys to success. If they only knew, the key to their dreams lies within… George Washington Carver… scientist and educator

Welcome to the show. I  dedicated the entire program to the people of Mali. A country rich in culture, traditions and with a vast African history. Mali has been for thousands of years and still is a majority Islamic country. There is no need for some  group of people to try to take over the country and imposed some type of barbaric  Islamic laws. The people of Mali don’t deserve this type of take over.They have been muslim since the time of the Malian Empire an empire which had wealth.
I featured several Malian artists on the show.


Ali Farka Toure/Diaraby
Salif Keita/Nyanyama
Toumani Diabate/Mali Sadio
RailBand/Mali Cebalew
Dagnon Bako/Be Be Bori I No Fe

Lo Cura reflects the Bay's diverse mix of cultures, histories and people through music without boundaries Members of the band come from as far away as Spain, and as close as the Mission district. They blend flamenco, Cuban son, reggae, cumbia, ska and more: members of the band vocalist Kata Miletich, guitarist Bob Sanders and singer Raul Vargas of the band Makru were my guests on this edition of Africamix.

10:05 - 10:35pm
One Love/Playing for change
Habib Koite/Mali Ba
Afel Bocoum/Mali Chinda
Idrissa Soumahoro/Telene
Amadou&Mariam/Taxi Bamako

10 :36-11pm

Ami Koita/Yafa
Ami Koita/Ballon
Salif Keita/Ekolo d’Amour
Bako Dagnon/Sidiba
SuperMamaDjombo/Falbe Guinee/Guinee Bissau

I hope for peace and stability for the people of Mali and may the country returns to peace and lawfulness.