Sunday, March 10, 2013

E. Nado's playlist for March 7,2013

''Nothing is going to be handed to you,you  have to make things happen''…Florence Griffith Joyner

Peter King/Adura/African Dialects/Nigeria
AfroFunk/Tei Egwu/Body Music/Nigeria
Pazy&The Black Hippies/JahoJah Comfort Me/Wa Ho Ha/Nigeria
K Frimpong/Adam Nana/Backed By Vis A Vis/Nigeria

Alcione/Duas Faces/ Samba/Brazil
Fino Coletivo/A Coisa Mais Linda Do Mundo/R.G. to Samba/Brazil
Tecumsay Robert/Coming Home/Coming Home/Liberia
Daly Kimoko/Africa Allo Allo/Daly King/D.R.Congo

Souad Massi/Passe Le Temps/Deb/Algeria
Souad Massi/Bel El Madhi/Deb/Algeria
Souad Massi/Moudja/Deb/Algeria
Souad Massi/Yawlidi/Deb/Algeria

10 ;32-11pm
Alfa Yaya Diallo/Afiki Djama/R.F.Guinee
Guy Lobe/Ayemba/Guy Lobe/Cameroon
Gadji Celi/Afria Liberte/Femme de Feu/Cote d’Ivoire
Guy Lobe/Soukous Makossa/Guy Lobe/Cameroon
Maloko/In The Midnight Hour/Soul On Fire/Sierra Leone
Alpha Blondi/God Bless Africa/Dieu/Cote d’Ivoire
Maloko/Cold Sweat/Soul On Fire/Sierra Leone