Friday, June 20, 2014

Nado's playlist for June 19.2014

  Thanks to these record labels: Lusafrica/Benyoro   music/Sterns/ARC/Cumbancha/Visila/429            


Sia Tolno/Waka Waka Woman/African Woman/Sierra Leone  
Ambolley/Afrika Yie/Segundo/Ghana
Franco/Tres Impolit/Francophil/D.R.Congo
Tiken Jah Fakoli/Descendant/Spirit of Africa/Cote d’Ivoire

Music and conversation with Sila Mutungi.
Africamix welcomes Kenya singer Sila. The 2010 NAACP image award winner  has been living in the San Francisco bay area for a longtime . He has made a remarkable impact on the music world here in the bay area and throughout the continental United States. He’s been called the Africa’s James brown for his energetic performances and jazzy pop arrangements.His new CD Super African is released along with a comic book of the same title. The album showcases the contributions of world class bay area musicians including members of Santana, Michael Franti & Spearhead bands.

Sila/Super African/Super African/Kenya,U.S.A.
Sila/Love the way you dance/Super African/Kenya,U.S.A.
Sila/Dance floor/Super African/Kenya,U.S.A.

Africamix welcomes Angelique Kidjo. Music and conversation
Africa’s iconic singer, songwriter, panAfricanist, social activist and U.N. global Ambassador is my guest on the show. Her new album EVE, which coincided with the release of her memoir with the book SPIRIT RISING; my life my music, is dedicated to the Women of Africa for their resilience
and their beauty.

Angelique Kidjo/Eva/Eve/Benin/
Angelique Kidjo/Bomba/Eve/Benin
Angelique Kidjo/Bana/Eve/Benin

Ricardo Lemvo has created a niche for which he is the uncontested maestro of the style. Combining Congolese rumba and soukous with latin salsa flavor. Hi new CD Rumba Soyo is released on Cumbancha record label.

Ricardo Lemvo/Rumba Soyo/Rumba Soyo/Angola,U.S.A.
Ricardo Lemvo/Kari Kuyeye/Rumba Soyo/Angola,U.S.A.
Genival Lacerda/Severina Xique Xique/Pulse of Brazil
Odilara/Aquela Beleza/Celebrate Brazil
Banda Explosa/Madagascar Olodum/Pulse of Brazil
Ricardo Lemvo/Samba Luku Samba/Rumba Soyo/Angola,U.S.A.

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