Sunday, January 11, 2015

Emmanuel Nado's playlist for January 8, 2015

Playlist for January 8, 2015
On this edition of the show I featured my favorite CDs of 2014
These are the CDs I received from record labels which serviced the show.
My thanks and appreciation to all of them.


Djessou Mory Kante/Coucou/River Strings/Mali/Sterns
Djessou Mory Kante/Nan Koura/River Strings/Mali/Sterns
Bebe Manga/Ami O/Golden Afrique/Cameroon/Network
Super Mama Djombo/Dissan Na/Golden Afrique/GuineeBissau/Network
Angelique Kidjo/Orisha/Eve/Benin/429
Angelique Kidjo/Shangowa/Eve/Benin/429

9: 41 10:10pm
Habib Koite/Terere/Soo/Mali/ContreJour
Habib Koite/Diarabi Nani/Soo/Mali/ContreJour
Sia Tolno/Mouka Mouka/African Woman/Sierra Leone/Lusafrica
Sia Tolno/Djumata/African Woman/Sierra Leone/Lusafrica
Somi/Lady Revisited/Lagos Music Salon/U.S/Okeh
Somi/Love Juje/Lagos Music Salon/U.S./Okeh

Les Ambassadeurs/Manamana/Les Ambassadeurs du Motel/Mali/Sterns
Les Ambassadeurs/Ambassadeurs/Les Ambassadeurs du Motel/Mali/Sterns
Tony Allen/Moving on/Film of Life/Nigeria/Harmonia Mundi
Tony Allen/Ire Omo/Film of Life/Nigeria/Harmonia Mundi

10:40-10: 55pm
Abelardo Barosso/En Guatanamo/ChaChaCha/Cuba/Nonesuch
Abelardo Barosso/El Mnaisero/ChaChaCha/Cuba/Nonesuch
Ricardo Lemvo/Rumba So Yo/Rumba So Yo/Angola,DRC,U.S./Cumbancha
Ricardo Lemvo/Samba Luku/Rumba So Yo/Angola,DRC,U.S./Cumbancha

Sila/Dance Floor/Super African/Kenya,U.S./Visila